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Monday, March 27, 2006

Tembria - Server monitoring for the rest of us.

After finally moving the Devshop web-site to a real server in a real hosting facility (SAVVIS via LayeredTech), it was time to get some server monitoring software up and running. I want to know that my site is always up and for something to tap me on the shoulder immediately if it goes down.

My pet peeve about monitoring software is that it typically looks like it's been run over repeatedly by a mac truck. I mean it's so ugly I wouldn't kiss it with your lips. Difficult to use, far too much use of command lines and console output, the list goes on. There are a select group of real network admin experts out there who don't seem to mind these kinds of products. After all, form follows function, they would say.

Unfortunately for a lot of folks like me, we inherit the responsibility of making sure servers are up and running even though we are not as knowledgeable about this sort of thing as our network admin friends are.

So thankfully, there's Tembria. Tembria's server monitor not only has so many of the bells and whistles that our network admin friends would expect, but it's actually usable by non-experts like me.

Check out the screen shots.


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