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Thursday, March 09, 2006

BarCamp Ottawa Coming Soon

I've offered to pitch in and help organize BarCamp Ottawa with Peter Childs, Alec Saunders and David Keys.

BarCamp is called an "unconference", which makes it very much cooler than just a conference, you know, without the un. Seriously, it's a way for us folks down in the trenches of Ottawa's high-tech to get together, meet eachother, swap stories and experiences, and discuss some topics that are near and dear to our own hearts.

Yesterday we had a meeting and the following theme suggestions came up:

  • Web 2.0 (obviously!)

  • Voice 2.0 (over IP)

  • Wi-fi

  • Extreme Programming

As BarCamps go though, it's not the organizers speaking and the attendees listening. It's very much the attendees as participants and speakers. If you've got a topic area you'd like to huddle on with some folks, head over to the Wiki and post it! Add yourself to the list of attendees if you can make it.

The date is Saturday, April 22nd, location TBD. It's totally casual, and free, but you have to participate! Spread the word!

Also check out:

The rules of BarCamp


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