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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Really Cool Way to Watch Your Web-site Traffic.

Very cool. I just stumbled across this site/product: www.visitorville.com. It's a hosted service, that's free for less than 50 unique visitors per day, and becomes a paid subscription with higher volumes. Anyway, the really neat thing is that it comes with a desktop reporting tool - only it's not so much reports, as a Sim-City view of your web-site, with little folks taking taxi's and buses to your various pages (represented by office towers).

If you want, you can click to follow a particular visitor around your site, start a chat with them, see their passport, and a surprising amount of other tid-bits. This is one of the most creative products I've seen in an otherwise mundane product category.

I installed it on my home PC, behind a firewall, and had it monitoring this blog. No firewall issues. I was up and running in 5 mins, watching my little visitors go about their business.

Very cool.


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